Birth late 1920s early 1930s. at least 80
Religion Likely Muslim


Soviet and French Academies.
Established a "good relationship" with several western armies leading to increased procurement and training for Algerian army.

Appointments Held

Involved in liberation struggle
Pre 6 May 1994 Commander 2nd Military Region BG
6 May 1994 or 1993. Promoted to MG Commander of Land Forces (Algerian Radio)
27 July 2004 named ANP Chief of Staff
6 July 2005 Promoted to Lt General the highest rank in Algeria.

In The News Time line

· 14 March 1999 welcomes a Chinese delegation headed by Qian Shugen deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The delegation praised good relations b/w the armies
· 4 August 04 from El Watan website: Lamari and Khaled Nezzer detested “political islam” which they felt current president Boutefika supported. Furthermore, the article claims Lamari wanted the military to pull out from politics and states that Salah Gaid is a “military man little inclined towards politics and quite withdrawn.”…”giving Boutefilka free rein in his handling of the issue of political Islamism, which will not happen without gnashing of teeth within the military instiution. It remains to be known how the People’s National Army ANP will digest this change, if it will view it as salutary or as a settling of scores by apparatuses.”
· 19 August 2004 Salah is Chief of Staff and appoints Ahmed Tafer as commander of land forces, Brig-Gen Habib Chentouf and Major-Generals Said Bay, Said Chankariha and Abderhamane Kamal as commanders of the first, second, third and fifth military regions, respectively.
· 2 April 2004 Giad meets with a senior Iranian delegation
· 16 April 2005 Salah appoints Gen Abdelakder Lounes as commander of the Air Force replacing MG Mohamed Benslimani. Source Algerian TV
· 24 May 2005 meets with Sergey Chemezov director general of Rosobornoexport to discuss sales
· 15 June 2005 Meets with Gen ward covering military cooperation. Ward was deputy commander of the European command
· 21 April 2006 Salah visits US upon the request of Gen Peter Pace to strengthen security cooperation between the two military bodies-algerian radio
· 6 July 2006 Promoted to Lt General the highest rank in Algeria along with Benabbes Ghezil and Mohamed Mediene aka Tewfik the head of the secret Service(Mediene is very power full and pops up in many searches however nothing is on him as a part of the actual military structure.)
· 14 August 2006 Salah issues a statement with Xinhua that Algeria and China have a unique partnership and that he would like to enhance exchanges and copperation with the Chinese army in various fields
· 31 May 2006 meets with Libyan counterpart stressing cooperation Libyan TV
· 1 November 2007: The independent daily newspaper El Khabar quoted the same sources as saying that, during the meeting, the army chief, Salah Gaid, was "firm" when he talked about terrorism. He said: "I enjoy the president's full confidence, which means his confidence in the military. Therefore, you must eliminate this phenomenon." El Khabar added that Lt-Gen Gaid had told the army that "the suicide bombers are a new phenomenon that should be dealt with". He was also quoted as saying he "does not believe at all in what is called AQLIM". "It is no more than a concept or an invention," he was quoted as saying by the same sources. The same article says that on 3 October 2007 Gaid denied Al Qaeda was in Algeria
· 27 December 2007 Salah visits the Ukraine to according to El-Khabar finalize an arms agreement. The Ukrainians deny that is his purpose.
· 24 March 2008 meets with Libyan military officials to discuss consolidating the ties of military cooperation b/w two fraternal peoples.
· 27 March 2008 meets with Muammer Kadhafi’s son Capt. Chemis Kadhafi to discuss operations against Islamic radicals on the border areas
· 26 May 2009 meets with Polish counterparts
· 2 July 2009 A news article published in the Daily Tot sur I’Algerie website indicates that Libyan-Algerian relations are improving primarily due to the fear of Islamic Extremists ie the former Salafi Group for Call and Comabt GSPC aka AQIM
· 2 July 2009 Algeria establishes a news Special Opperations command to deal with AQIM and other al Qaida organizations. The new command will be headed by a Salah protégé. The new unit is known as the special intervention units working for the Department of Documentation and Security which carried out a serious of operations against the GIA in the 1970’s (Islamic Armed group) source El Khabar
· 26 November 2009 President Bouteflika and Salah receive General Ward speaking for 2 hours about the security discussions in what is characterized as positive discussions.
· 12 December 2009 General Ward returns to Algeria, however he is not received at the airport by Salah rather Salah meets with him at the ANP HQ
· 14 April 2010 from the Algerian paper Liberte Salah launches a major offensive against AQIM, however they still call it GSPC, in 22 provinces targeting 300 terrorists.
· 8 July 2010 Maghreb Confidential reports that: Algeria-watchers are taking a close look at the latest flurry of promotions within the ranks of the Armee Nationale Populaire (ANP) on July 4, which saw 14 major generals and 24 generals appointed to higher post. Shaken by the death of his brother Mustapha, president Abdelaziz Bouteflika didn't make a speech, contrary to custom. Unusually, several second-rank generals were promoted to major general. In the case of Republican Guard leader (linked to the Gendarmerie), Abdelghani Hamel, it boiled down to winning a final star before moving over to run the police. The promotion of the army's chief-of-staff, Kaddour Benjemil, was more difficult to interpret. Will he take over from his current boss, Ahcene Tafer, who would succeed Ahmed Gaid Salah, who is over 80, as armed forces chief of staff? That's mere speculation for the moment. The Air Force's number two man, Ali Bekkouche, reportedly also won promotion. For the moment the promotions seem unlikely to trigger political upheavals. Most of the new major generals were appointed generals by Bouteflika This could be a very important article and point due to the naming of a possible successor to Salah. Bekkouche will likely be a future target.

"The gang that has led the country since the 1992 coup have stayed put, despite tens of electoral masquerades – Gen. Mohamed “Tewfik” Mediene, the real ruler of Algeria; Abdelmalek Guenaizia; Ahmed Senhadji; Ahmed Gaid Salah; Djebbar Mehenna; Gen. Attafi; Zerhouni; Ali Tounsi... alongside ministers whose failure in every project they touch has long since been proved by time, such as Ahmed Ouyahia and Aboubakr Benbouzid. They continue to treat the Algerian people as a minor whose choices must be made by its self-proclaimed guardian. Positions of responsibility throughout the state are still appointed by the generals of the secret services. General “Tewfik” Mediene still makes or breaks presidents, and still changes constitutions for them according to their whims"

According to sources he is A-political and wants the military to reform into a professional force.

Relations With US

lgerian military head begins US visit
The Algerian military's chief of staff, Major-General Ahmed Gaid Salah, has begun a formal visit to the US, the Algerie Presse Service reported on 17 April. There is plenty for the two countries to talk about given NATO's recent invitation to Algeria to join Operation Active Endeavour, its counterterrorist maritime patrols in the Mediterranean. The US will be pleased that Algeria's participation in the operation re-emphasises the North African country's commitment to deepening its relationship with the alliance. However, of more concern to Washington will be the USD7.5 billion arms deal that Algeria signed with Russia in March. At the time the deal was announced, the US voiced concern at the scale of the re-equipment and upgrade programme, which amounted to a complete overhaul of Algeria's entire military inventory. The US will thus be seeking assurances from Major-General Gaid Salah that Algeria is not seeking to alter the balance of power in a region of counterterrorist concern to the US military. Nevertheless, and despite these worries, Major-General Gaid Salah can expect a warm welcome at the Pentagon. Algeria remains a valued Arab participant in the 'war on terrorism', and Washington continues to view Algiers as a stabilising influence in the Maghreb, facts likely to overcome any potential disagreements. source: Janes 18-Apr-2006